Wildflower Mix, Woodland



Attractive spring and early summer flowering species that are tolerant of shade and characteristic of most types found in deciduous woodlands, open woodland and woodland-edge conditions throughout Britain. Suitable for shaded and semi-shaded areas of garden. Covers 2-4 square metres. Sow late-March to mid-May, or from late-August to mid-September.

Species included: Aconite, Winter; Agrimony; Anemone, Wood; Avens, Wood; Bedstraw, Hedge; Bellflower, Nettle-leaved; Betony; Bluebell; Campion, Red; Celandine, Lesser; Dog-violet, Common, Enchanter’s nightshade; Lords-and-Ladies; Forget-me-not, Field; Foxglove; Hedge-parsley, Upright; Mustard, Garlic; Pignut; Primrose; Ramsons; Sage, Wood; St. John’s-wort, Hairy; Selfheal; Speedwell, Germander; Woundwort, Hedge.

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