Wildflower Mix, Scented Mix




Colourful native species well known for the fragrance of their flowers and/or the scents given off freely from their leaves. Covers 2 square metres.

Species included: Catchfly, Night-Flowering and Nottingham; Cowslip; Campion, Bladder and White; Clover, Red and White; Dame’s-Violet; Dropwort; Evening-Primrose, Common; Foxglove; Honeysuckle; Knapweed, Greater; Marjoram, Wild; Meadowseet; Melilot, Ribbed; Mullein, Great; Pansy, Wild; Pink, Deptford; Primrose; Rose, Dog; Soapwort; Thistle, Musk; Valerian, Red; Violet, Sweet, Blue and White; Wallflower, Wild; Yarrow.

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Weight 1 g