Wildflower Mix, Butterfly Mixture



Low to medium height wild flowers to attract butterflies to the garden. Designed to provide stunning colour all season long, year after yeear. Some species are veluable food plants for caterpillars. Covers 2-3 sq. m.

Contains: Bedstraw, Lady’s; Betony; Bird’s-foot trefoil, Common; Bugle; Buttercup, Meadow; Candytuft, Wild; Clover, Red; Colt’s-foot; Daisy, Oxeye; Dandelion; Dead-nettle, Red; Feverfew; Hawkbit, Autumn and Rough; Hawkweed, Mouse-ear; Knapweed, Greater; Marigold, Corn; Marjoram, Wild; Pansy, Wild; Primrose; Ragged-Robin; Rock-rose, Common; St. John’s Wort, Perforate; Scabious, Small; Selfheal; Sheep’s-bit; Thrift; Toadflax, Comon; Trefoil, Lesser; Vetch, Kidney and Horseshoe; Violet, Sweet; Yarrow.

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Weight 1 g