Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath’


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Ericaceae. A neat, evergreen, compact shrub with a yellowish-green variegation on the margins of the gray-green leaves; new leaves are pink. Small, bell-shaped white flowers add to the beauty. A good low hedge or container plant. Does well on north side of houses or in areas influenced by buildings and tree shade. A natural in the acidic conditions beneath conifers and hardwoods. A beautiful light plant for the dappled shade of woodland gardens where greens tend to fade into darkness.

Grow in soil that is light, acidic, and constantly moist (not wet). If your garden soil is too heavy do not dig a deep hole but make a raised bed topped up with a good mixture of peat, fine bark chips, and leaf (forest) litter. Keep the soil moist by mulching. Slow-release fertilizers for acid-loving plants are advised.

Ht. 1.3 m.     Japan    ***

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