Bareroot Hedging for 2018-19


Please find below our collection of bareroot Hedging for 2018-19  They are generally available between November and March. For information on ordering, please contact Deelish. See also Bareroot Trees.

Note: All prices quoted are for single plants. There is a 10% discount on 25 or more plants of the same variety and a 15% discount on 100 or more plants of the same variety. Contact us for larger quantities.

Amelanchier lamarckii (Snowy Mesp.) €1.05
Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) €1.30
Cornus alba (Red Dogwood) €1.05
Cornus alba Aurea (Golden Dogwood) €2.15
Cornus alba Siberica (Crimson Dogwood) €1.10
Cornus alba Siberica (large) €1.05
Cornus sanguinea (Common Dogwood) €.85
Cornus stol Flaviramea (Yellow Dogwood) €1.00
Cornus a.Elegantissima (Var. Dogwood) €2.45
Crataegus mono. (Hawthorn) [1+1] 60-90 cm. €1.00
Crataegus mono. (Hawthorn) [1+1] 90-120 cm. €1.30

Elaeagnus umbellata  €3.90
Euonymus europ. (spindle berry) €1.00
Fagus sylvatica (Beech) 60-90 €1.95
Fagus sylvatica (Beech) 120-150 €6.65
Fagus syl. Purpurea (Copper Beech) 60-90 €3.70
Fagus syl. Purpurea (Copper Beech) 90-120 €7.20

Fuchsia magellanica €1.65
Griselinia littoralis €1.65 & €2.50
Hippophae rham.(Sea Buckthorn) €1.50
Ilex aquifolium (Holly) 9cm. Container €3.00

Ilex cranata Luxus Globe (Japanese Holly €5.50
Ligustrum ovalifolium (Oval Leaf Privet) €1.30
Ligustrum ov. Aureum (Golden Privet) €2.45
Ligustrum vulgare (Common Privet) €1.00
Prunus laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel) €2.50
Prunus lusitanica (Portugese Laural)  €3.40
Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn) €0.85
Ribes sanguinea (Flowering Currant) €1.70
Rosa canina (Dog Rose) €1.05
Rpsa rugosa (Ramanas Rose) €1.05
Rosa rugosa alba (White Rugosa Rose) €1.15
Sambucus nigra (Elder) €1.00
Viburnum opulus (Guelder Rose) €1.10