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List of Bare Root Apple Varieties 2015-6

Apple Varieties Barerooted  2016.   All €12.60 (unless otherwise marked)

Pollination Guide ~ numbers should overlap by 5 digits in either direction. Pollinator number is at the end of the plant description. Trp : needs 2 DIFFERENT varieties for pollination

Alkmeme  (Early Windsor) German cultivar. An early ‘cox-like’ apple.   (7)
Bramley’s Seedling – Late fruiting cooker, pick Oct. for use Nov~Mar. 1810    (Trp 12)
Beauty of Bath – Sweet juicy apple with pink flesh. Early fruiting. 1864     (8)
Blenheim Orange – Sweet nutty taste crumbly texture Late 1740 ( €14.50)    (12)
Braeburn – Crisp firm flesh. Late. 1952.    (18)
Cornish Gilliflower – Perfumed intensely flavoured rich aromatic flesh. Late. ( €14.50)   (12)
Cox’s Orange Pippin – Late eater, fruit orange-red. Pick Sept. For use Oct-Jan. 1825    (12)
Discovery – Early eater. Scab resistant. Partial tip bearer.1949     (11)
Egremont Russet – Very distinctive nutty flavour, for use Oct~Dec. 1872     (8)
George Cave – Early desert apple with a strong sweet-sharp taste. 1923 ( €14.50)   (8)
Granny Smith – An Australian cultivar with crisp refrehing flavour. Late.      (10)
James Grieve – Early to mid fruit juicy and crisp. Pick in Sept. 1893      (10)
Katja (Katy) – Early eater.. Pick Sept. use through Oct. 1942     (12)
Red Devil – Strong fruity taste. Highly decorative. Late. 1975     (8)
Red Sleeves – A cooker with sweet crisp juicy flesh. Early. 1986. ( €14.50)     (11)
Spartan Sweet – Juicy and crisp with white flesh. Late. 1926     (12)
Summer Red – Dark red ‘Macintosh’ apple. Early.     (6)
Winston – Late eating apple. Rich aromatic taste.     (14)
Worcester Pearmain – A mid~season apple with a sweet ‘Strawberry-like’ flavour.     (11)

Heritage and Other Varieties.   All €14.50

Scarlet Crofton – Striking sweet banana taste. Midseason. 1890    (12)
Blood of the Boyne – Sweet strawberry flavour; early fruit.    (12)
Irish Peach – Late eater with banana like taste. Good keeper. Cork, 1907    (8)
Kerry Pippin – Early, sweet eating apple. Tip bearer. Sligo; 1819    (6)
Reids Seedling – Juicy crisp sweet eating apple; yellow skin with red stripes.
Dabinett (Cider Apple) – Fruits yellow stripped red;  Early 1900’s    (self fertile)
Herefordshire Redstreak – Finest cider apple in England; high sugar content. 1600’s    (self fertile)

We also have a small number of potted 3yr old apple trees and a selection of Patio apples suitable for the smaller garden.

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