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Bringing back the personal touch

Deelish Garden Centre -- New Website, New Shopping Experience

Here at Deelish Garden Centre we knew our old website was looking a bit dated. While it did the job the design was showing its age, and didn’t play nicely across the host of digital devices our customers were using to access it.

It was time for a change, and given the season we decided to give our online platform a bit of a spring clean.

Enter our new site: all the products you love, but with a clean, contemporary look that automatically adjusts to suit the screen size of the device your viewing it with. It’s called responsive design, and it means you can now enjoy the Deelish Garden Centre site seamlessly from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Bringing the personal touch back to online shopping

Online shopping has a lot going for it: you can browse from the comfort of your own home, you’re not constrained by business opening hours, you can do things at your own pace, and at any time that suits you.

But for all its pros online shopping has one big downside — the lack of personal contact. That may be no big deal when you’re buying e-books or consumer electronics, but here at Deelish Garden Centre we believe plants are different: they deserve more personal attention.

Plants: change is the only constant

When it comes to plants things are always in a state of flux. Our stock is seasonal, dynamic, and constantly changing for a variety of reasons. Living things tend not to fit in neat categories like widgets and gizmos — they vary in size and weight, and for larger specimens that creates a huge headache in terms of calculating standardised shipping costs to different destinations.

Add to that the fact that every order, and every customer’s needs are different, and that we can add real value for customers through decades of horticultural expertise, we think you’ll agree that adding personal contact back into the online shopping experience is the right move.

That’s why on our new site the order process for plants is slightly different:

  • You browse our online catalogue and add your selection to your basket
  • If your order contains only seeds you can checkout as normal, pay online and we’ll ship your order out to you
  • If your order contains plants you go to the checkout and place your order online without making payment at this stage
  • We receive notification of your order through the site
  • One of our team will review your order and will contact you to confirm availability, offer advice and calculate shipping costs
  • You pay for your order (over the phone or securely online, whichever is more convenient)
  • We process your order and send it out

It’s simple, it’s personal, and, we believe, is much better suited to our business model and the needs of our customers. We hope you agree — by all means get in touch and let us know what you think, or leave a comment below.

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List of Fruit Trees and Bushes 2015-6

Fruit List 2016

Apples : see separate list ~ bare rooted  € 12.60 +

Crab Apples : Laura, Butterball  € 16.50

Apricot : Bredase, Trois Oranje  € 16.90

Blackberry : Helen, Loughness (Thornless)   € 6.50

Blueberry : Bluecrop (M), Blueray (M) ,Brigitta Blue (L), Duke (E), Rubel (M), Earliblue (E), Goldtraube (E), Dixi (M), Patriot (E), Stanley(M)  € 10.55

Boysenberry : Blackberry / Raspberry cross  € 4.30

Cherry : Kelleris 16 Mayduke, Morello, Stella, Sunburst  € 13.90

Chokeberry : (Aronia melanocarpa) ~ Hugin, Viking    € 12.50

Cranberry : Pilgrim  € 7.50

Currants : Black ~ Boskoop Giant, Ojebyn  Red ~ Red Lake  White ~ White Pearl  € 3.50   White Pearl (3yr. Potted)  € 7.50

Fig : Brown Turkey  € 9.25, Bornholms Diamant  € 12.85, Dalmatie  € 12.85

Goji Berry : € 12.85

Gooseberry : Hinn. Green, Hinn. Red, Invicta  € 3.90

Honey Berry : Lonicera caerulea  € 12.85

Hop : Humulus lupulus  € 8.50

Jostaberry  : Gooseberry / Blackberry cross  € 4.30

Kiwi : Issai (self pollinating), Kens Red (Female)  € 12.85

Loganberry : Thornless  € 9.25

Medlar : Dutch Monstrous  € 16.50

Mulberry : Black Mulberry  € 28.80

Nectarine : Early Blaze, Mme. Blanchet  € 16.90

Nuts : Cosford, Kentish Cob, Pearsons Prolofic, Red Zellernut  € 10.25

Peach : Johnny Brack, Peregrine  € 16.90

Pear : Beth, Concorde, Conference, Clapps Favourite  € 13.90

Plum : Damson, Reine Claude d’Ouillins, The Czar, Victoria, Belle de Louvain, Ontario, Mirabelle, € 14.90  

Marjories Seedling  €19.90

Quince : Serbian Gold Vranja  € 16.90

Raspberry : Glen Ample, Malling Jewel, Malling Leo. Late ~ All Gold, Autumn Bliss  € 11.00

Rhubarb : Timperly Early   € 1.75

Sunberry : € 7.50

Tayberry : Medana  € 9.25

Vine : Aurore (W), Black Hamburg (Frankenthaler) (B), Boskoop Glory (B),Brant (B), Himrod (W) seedless, Lakemont (W) Seedless, Mme Angevine (W), Regent (B), Suffolk Red seedless, Vanessa (B) Seedless, Vroege van der Laan (W)   € 9.90

Worcesterberry : Blackcurrant / Gooseberry cross  € 4.30

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List of Bare Root Apple Varieties 2015-6

Apple Varieties Barerooted  2016.   All €12.60 (unless otherwise marked)

Pollination Guide ~ numbers should overlap by 5 digits in either direction. Pollinator number is at the end of the plant description. Trp : needs 2 DIFFERENT varieties for pollination

Alkmeme  (Early Windsor) German cultivar. An early ‘cox-like’ apple.   (7)
Bramley’s Seedling – Late fruiting cooker, pick Oct. for use Nov~Mar. 1810    (Trp 12)
Beauty of Bath – Sweet juicy apple with pink flesh. Early fruiting. 1864     (8)
Blenheim Orange – Sweet nutty taste crumbly texture Late 1740 ( €14.50)    (12)
Braeburn – Crisp firm flesh. Late. 1952.    (18)
Cornish Gilliflower – Perfumed intensely flavoured rich aromatic flesh. Late. ( €14.50)   (12)
Cox’s Orange Pippin – Late eater, fruit orange-red. Pick Sept. For use Oct-Jan. 1825    (12)
Discovery – Early eater. Scab resistant. Partial tip bearer.1949     (11)
Egremont Russet – Very distinctive nutty flavour, for use Oct~Dec. 1872     (8)
George Cave – Early desert apple with a strong sweet-sharp taste. 1923 ( €14.50)   (8)
Granny Smith – An Australian cultivar with crisp refrehing flavour. Late.      (10)
James Grieve – Early to mid fruit juicy and crisp. Pick in Sept. 1893      (10)
Katja (Katy) – Early eater.. Pick Sept. use through Oct. 1942     (12)
Red Devil – Strong fruity taste. Highly decorative. Late. 1975     (8)
Red Sleeves – A cooker with sweet crisp juicy flesh. Early. 1986. ( €14.50)     (11)
Spartan Sweet – Juicy and crisp with white flesh. Late. 1926     (12)
Summer Red – Dark red ‘Macintosh’ apple. Early.     (6)
Winston – Late eating apple. Rich aromatic taste.     (14)
Worcester Pearmain – A mid~season apple with a sweet ‘Strawberry-like’ flavour.     (11)

Heritage and Other Varieties.   All €14.50

Scarlet Crofton – Striking sweet banana taste. Midseason. 1890    (12)
Blood of the Boyne – Sweet strawberry flavour; early fruit.    (12)
Irish Peach – Late eater with banana like taste. Good keeper. Cork, 1907    (8)
Kerry Pippin – Early, sweet eating apple. Tip bearer. Sligo; 1819    (6)
Reids Seedling – Juicy crisp sweet eating apple; yellow skin with red stripes.
Dabinett (Cider Apple) – Fruits yellow stripped red;  Early 1900’s    (self fertile)
Herefordshire Redstreak – Finest cider apple in England; high sugar content. 1600’s    (self fertile)

We also have a small number of potted 3yr old apple trees and a selection of Patio apples suitable for the smaller garden.

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List of Bare Root Hedging 2015-16

Please find below our collection of bareroot Hedging for 2015 -6. They are generally available between November and March. For information on ordering, please contact Deelish.

Amelanchier lamarckii (Snowy Mesp.) €1.00
Berberis thun. Atro.(Purple Berberis) €2.40
Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) €0.90
Cornus alba (Red Dogwood) €0.70
Cornus alba Aurea (Golden Dogwood) €2.05
Cornus alba Siberica (Crimson Dogwood) €0.85
Cornus alba Siberica (large) €1.15
Cornus sanguinea (Common Dogwood) €0.80
Cornus stol Flaviramea (Yellow Dogwood) €0.80
Cornus a.Elegantissima (Var. Dogwood) €2.05
Cotoneaster bullatus €1.10
Crataegus mono. (Hawthorn) €0.80
Euonymus europ. (spindle berry) €0.80
Fagus sylvatica (Beech) €1.60
Fagus syl. Purpurea (Copper Beech) €3.05
Griselinia littoralis €2.35
Hippophae rham.(Sea Buckthorn) €1.20
Ilex aquifolium (Holly) 9cm. Container €2.50
Ligustrum ovalifolium (Oval Leaf Privet) €1.25
Ligustrum ov. Aureum (Golden Privet) €2.20
Ligustrum vulgare (Common Privet) €0.80
Prunus laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel) €2.30
Prunus laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel) – Large €30.00
Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn) €0.50
Ribes sanguinea (Flowering Currant) €1.30
Rosa canina (Dog Rose) €0.80
Rosa rubiginosa €1.20
Rpsa rugosa (Ramanas Rose) €0.75
Rosa rugosa Rubra (Red Rugosa) €0.85
Rosa rugosa alba (White Rugosa Rose) €0.85
Sambucus nigra (Elder) €0.95
Viburnum opulus (Guelder Rose) €0.95